Stuart T. Weinberg, MD, FAAP, FAMIA

Clinical Informatics Consultant

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    This site is intended to provide a summary of many of my past and present employee, consultant, and volunteer activities, generally organized by domain. These domains are listed under "Background/Topics", with links providing additional information on specific activities.

    There is also a list of past and present web sites I've developed over the years describing various projects - please check out the "Web Sites" dropdown.

    The "In the News" dropdown lists articles and press releases over the years describing some of my activities and accomplishments.

    External profiles (LinkedIn, Google Scholar, etc.) are listed under "Personal Links".

    The "Addl Resources" dropdown contains a rather random collection of informatics and medical sites of personal interest, plus convenient access to my local weather radar(!)

    If any of these efforts overlap with your areas of interest and you would like to explore opportunities for collaboration or just brainstorm some ideas, please Contact Me!

* * Latest News * *

2023-06-29 - I came across some very early web pages I created in 1995(!) and thought I'd summarize some of those efforts here.

2023-04-28 - FYI, the immunization-exchange-related portion of the recently released (4/18) Proposed Rule by HHS begins here.

2023-04-21 - Just returned from presenting at the HIMSS23 Conference in Chicago on the topic of Sharing Bulk Immunization Data Using HL7 V2 and FHIR.

2023-03-23 - HIMSS published the following article I co-authored on its website - Improving Immunization Workflow for Providers - Bulk Query Functionality.

2023-03-09 - The American Academy of Pediatrics has published a revised policy statement on which I was co-author - Access to Critical Health Information for Children During Emergencies: Emergency Information Forms and Beyond.

2023-02-22 - Had a great time presenting at the American Camp Association national conference on the topic of Developing and Maintaining A Successful Camp Alumni Program - People, Processes, and Technology based on this 2020 article.

2022-07-19 - The ONC has released USCDI Version 3, as summarized by this ONC Standards Bulletin 2022-2 and this Healthcare Innovation article

2022-04-30 - A 15-Slide Presentation on The Carl B. Kern Fund has been updated.

2022-04-27 - Thanks so much to AIRA for honoring me with an 'Exiting Excellence Award' at its recent national meeting. Greatly appreciated!.

2022-03-30 - Very excited to begin a more formalized relationship as a Consultant with AIRA (the American Immunization Registry Association) working on some interoperability projects over the next few months.

2022-03-12 - A March 1st AAP News article written by Sue Kressly MD highlights my involvement with the Immunization Integration Program (IIP) Collaborative.

2021-12-30 - The 23-year-old Great Lakes Regional World Camp '98 website(!) has been added to the "Web Sites" dropdown.

2021-12-23 - An Imm Content Management topic has been added to the "Background/Topics" dropdown.

2021-12-03 - The Contact Me link in the top navigation bar is live!.

2021-11-16 - My "DBMI Spotlight" profile has been added to the "In the News" dropdown.

2021-11-12 - A HIMSS News Item describing the latest activities of the IIP Executive Committee has been added to the "In the News" dropdown.

2021-11-01 - This web site is being redeveloped. Stay tuned!