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  •   December 5, 2021 - reCAPTCHA has been added to the Feedback form.

  •   December 17, 2016 - Direct links to camp Facebook pages are now being included. Look for a Facebook icon just to the left of the camp name.

  •   June 18, 2016 - Several major enhancements were made to the site, including mapping capabilities and the 'Feedback' link.

  •   March 28, 2011 - My email address has been updated, plus some additional spring cleaning was performed.

  •   December 30, 2007 - The list of state links was added to allow users to click on and jump directly to the desired state. Font types and sizes were also cleaned up.

  •   October 4, 2004 - This list was edited to include resident camps *only*. More requests from day camps were being received to list their web sites, but with the number of day camps far exceeding the number of resident camps (more than 80% of YMCAs offer summer days camps), maintenance of the list would be significantly increased. To check for day camps, find your local YMCA by clicking on "Find Your Y" on the YMCA's national web site at http://www.ymca.net

  •   January 17, 2003 - Clicking on a camp's web site will now open up a new window, so that you can browse the site, close the window when your done, and return to this list without having to reload it. Hopefully that will make things a little easier!

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